My fiancé and I are so happy that we chose Lukas to take our engagement photos. We found Lukas online and loved his style, and he still managed to far exceed our expectations. We had a great time during the shoot, with Lukas helping us to feel comfortable and have fun. In short, we were beyond thrilled with the photo shoot experience and the finished product, and would recommend Lukas to anyone.
— Brittney Lenard, USA

Welcome to the beautiful city of Vienna!

Vienna has an amazing historic centre, that offers many picturesque venues. Why not connect your holidays with engagement or family shoot, that will treasure your memories forever?

I've been working as a photographer in Vienna for the last 7 years, and know many beautiful places off the beaten path. Please have a look on my personalized map below.

Have a look on my portfolio, and if you like the style, let's get in touch and let your Vienna story unfold.

Lukas was amazing! His photos are gorgeous and he knows what he’s doing when it comes to tips and pointers to help you look your best for every shot. He went above and beyond our expectations and we would highly reccomend his services to anyone wanting to remember special moments for a lifetime. Thank you Lukas!
— Robbie Vazquez, USA


Amazing work! Engagement and proposal pics were better than we could have possibly imagined. Easy to work with and got great moments. Highly recommended!
— Chad Bower, USA


What are the prices? Please scroll down to the investment section

How many days in advance shall we book the shooting? Ideally one or two weeks in advance. Binding bookings are accepted 1 month earliest.

Can I reschedule the shooting? If such occasion happens, please inform me ASAP. If there is a free slot you can reschedule.

What happens if it’s raining?
Usually I have a look on the weather forecast couple of days before the shooting and if you are staying longer in Vienna, we can pick a day with a better option. Nevertheless there are many sheltered opportunities in Vienna, that provide good venues even in bad weather.

Shall we book directly with the photographer or vacation photography agencies? I was asked by major vacation photography agencies if I would like to shoot for them. Nevertheless found out that they are charging app 50% commissions.

Here are 3 good reasons, why you should book your photographer directly.

  1. You have a direct connection to your photographer from the very  beginning and  know precisely which person and style you are getting. You can decide based on a vast portfolio, instead of couple of best of pictures

  2. You are saving money as the final prices are competitive. (Don’t be fooled by the lower entry prices with limited pictures, which increase significantly once you want to order more)

  3. You are getting better quality, because agency photographers are paid only half of the price you pay



Here is a map of my favourite photo locations in Vienna, as well as great places for dining and drinks.


All of the packages include:

  • All good pictures taken (usually around 100). I like to keep things simple and transparent. The price of the package is the final price you pay. Why worry about selecting pictures or paying extra for additional images.

  • Pictures are digitally adjusted, in full resolution and do not contain watermark.

  • Delivery within 48 hours via an online platform (desktop and mobile)

  • Plenty of information about history, dining a fun places around Vienna

The packages start with 1,5 hours, which is the shortest time that enables to get to know each other and take a walk around the city. If you need more time or even are interested to visit nearby places like Hallstatt please get in touch.

1,5 hours €450

2 hours €500

3 hours €650

My wife and I travelled to Vienna this past summer and stayed there for about 5 days. On a whim, I decided to surprise my wife with a vacation photo shoot. Lukas was very prompt with his responses and we were very happy with the results! Since it was our first time in Austria, he took the time to chat and give us a glimpse of what it’s like to be a “local.” It was nice as he also enjoyed a beer with us after our photo session!
— Patrick Wang, USA
Excellent photographer. I couldn’t be happier with my engagement shoot. Aside from excellent technical skills and shot composition, perhaps his greatest asset is his ability to make you feel comfortable. He was able to get such great and natural looking shots of me and my fiancé, really a great guy.
— Ryan Miller, Canada
Lukas is very nice and professional. He took some beautiful pictures of my boyfriend and i. He adapts quickly to the environnement and the light and proposes differents frames and moods. We’ve spent a very good moment with him and we’re very happy of his pictures :)
— Ambre Pepin, France