Ines & Robert | Hochzeit Schloss Eckertsau

Mit Ines und Robert haben wir schon beim ersten Treffen gemeinsames Thema gefunden: Campervaning. Dieses sportliche Paar lässt nichts anbrennen und genießt jedes freie Wochenende in ihrem Camper.

Der Tatort ihrer Hochzeit fand in dem prunkvollen Schloss Eckartsau statt. Mir hat vor allem die Geschichte diesse Orts angetan, es war nämlich der letzte inländische Wohnort der Habsburger, nämlich von Kaiser Karl I und seiner Frau Zita, bevor sie in die Schweiz emigrierten. Das Paar in dem Arbeitszimmer von Karl I zu fotografieren war alleine ein Erlebnis. Außer Hochzeitslocation kann ich Schloss Eckartsau auch als eine sehr interessante Ausflugs Destination empfehlen.

Es war ein wunderschönes Fest von 2 außergewöhnlichen Menschen. Es hat mich sehr gefreut dabei zu sein und wünsche dem Paar noch viele Abenteuer auf vier Rädern.

Das Hochzeitsteam hat diesmal eine starke Leistung geleistet und hat für eine tolle Feier gesorgt. Bravo an alle!!!

Location: Schloss Eckartsau

Deko und Blumen: Andrea Prenner

Catering: Gasthaus zur Zuckerfabrik

DJ: Dj Gabriel

Linn & Yao

I had a great time with these two legends from Australia. Instead of the planned 2 hours we spent 4 hours together, strolling around the old city of Vienna, drinking coffee and tasting local specialties. I wish you a great wedding guys.

Lukas is an excellent photographer but an even better person. He truly sees the world in a different view. So happened we were in Vienna for a couple of days and decided to do a casual photoshoot. Lukas was first on the google search and with good reason. We were blown away with his online portfolio and decided to go with him straight away. Best decision ever!Lukas made the whole shoot so seamless and effortless. All he asked was for some perspectives into what we were after and the artist in him brought it to life. The shoot started in common places and we slowly moved around the city area according to the environment and what was suitable. Lukas has a way with shadows and light that will totally blow you away. The shoot was very casual, light-hearted and really fun (that was one of his goals, to make sure we enjoy ourselves). The final result was excellent and he delivered the photos online really quickly. After the shoot, he was kind enough to give us a tour of the old part of Vienna and we even stopped for coffee and cakes. His recommendations on food and places to visit made the rest of our trip. If you are thinking of getting a photoshoot in Vienna, do yourself a favour and don’t bother looking elsewhere. Lukas is your guy and you won’t be disappointed.
— Yao & Linn

Andrea & Vincenzo | Castle Pechy Slovakia


This year I have spent more time living abroad than at home. 18 years ago at the age of 18, I left my home town Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia . Result of globalisation, destiny of many young people from Eastern Europe trying their luck in the West. Who are we? Where do we belong? Am I still a Slovak? Of course I am based on my Passport, but where does my heart belong?

Lately I was lucky to accompany a wedding of my home town friend Adka. After many years once again shooting in Slovakia. It felt warm, despite the rain. It felt close, it felt right. Speaking in a dialect that you picked up from your parents and grandparents. No need to look for jokes or trying to fit. Because you just fit, effortlessly. It felt like undressing your culture coat and feeling your own skin again.

But enough of sentimental bull-sitting, Adka and Vincenzo’s wedding was a sweet cherry in this wedding season cake. Both relating to former Czechoslovakia, found their luck in the far Switzerland. For their wedding they found a hidden gem in the Village of Hermanovce, The castle Pechy. Formerly used as a hunting spot, today if offers great options for private weddings in the green.

The party was double L (long and legendary) and fueled by the swing and sways of the plentiful SWAYBAND. Dancing creations of the family members were nothing short of the Slovak Hockey Team and the passion of the young lovebirds climaxed in a messy cake fight.

It was not easy to leave the party,

and it was not easy to leave the country.

Thank you Adka and Vincenzo for having me, I wish you a happy ride on your Route 66.

Carla & Michael | Garten Donati

If height would be measured by the size of the heart, Carla and Michael would most probably end up like giants. Both talented musicians, the couple prepared a wonderful, intimate wedding in the woods of Vienna. People started gathering in the evening and the ceremony took place in a glass house beautifully decorated by Eventschwestern with candles and flowers. Guys from Hy kitchen Foodtruck provided for tasty food and their truck added to the easy going mojo. Actually it was the very first wedding in the new wedding destination Donati garden. I think the location suits very well smaller weddings, that wish to have privacy and are in love with nature.

Dear Carla and Michael, during the couple shoot I could cut your love and passion for each other with a knife. I wish that it will stay like this, many years to come. Thank you for your trust.

Annika & Frank | Salonplafond | Weingut Wailand

Annika’s and Frank’s wedding was nothing short of LEGENDARY, but let’s get some structure here. This are the things I especially liked on this wedding:

  1. Annika and Frank are those people, who you wish to spend your free time with. Open minded, warm, easy going and ready for every joke. Their good look didn’t hurt as well.

  2. Frank’s uncles and it is not only because of their red Porsche (thanks guys for fulfilling my childhood dream), but because they were so supportive.

  3. The view from Weingut Wailand overlooking Wien

  4. Kaffe-Mobil von Hornig. I saw this thing for the first time on a wedding and think it is an excellent add on, especially for outdoor weddings.

  5. Architecture, food, overall MOJO and Nike in Salonplafond.

  6. Annika’s wedding gown. I am not an expert in dresses, but when I saw it, it hit me like a brick from a roof. Great design by Rue de Seine. Happy drooling ladies :-)

  7. Finally the whole wedding troop. I felt like at home.

    But enough of chitchat, buckle up and enjoy the ride

Nina & Max | Garda Lake

There is something about the Italian temperament and food that somehow slows you down and makes you enjoy life more…La Dolce Vita!

Nina and Max chose Villa Arcadio to celebrate their love with their friends and family. Situated just above the Garda lake, it offers beautiful views on the Italian landscape. The wedding was relaxed and full of laughter spreading over the neverending dining table.

I wish the couple many happy years together and slice of Dolce Vita on their day-to-day plate.

Dress: Pronovias

Videography: Oliver Marc

Catering: Villa Arcadio

Caligraphy: Noteworthy