Emilie & Damien | Paris

When I should think about the geekiest encounters, I think Emilie and Damien would be in the top ranks :-) Damien works as laboratory technician and after taking Emilie’s blood he also asked for her number. Isn’t that cool? Thanks to this fresh lovebirds for allowing me documenting their wonderful lovestory. The majority of this pictures were taken on a staircase of the apartment, we have stayed in. It had such a beautiful light, I couldn't resist

Ambre & Jef | Philharmonie de Paris

“Crazy in love” is the first thing that pops up in my head when I think about Ambre and Jef.  Jef works as a bike messenger in Paris and when I saw him driving Ambre and his sister Keko on his cargobike in the heavy traffic of Paris, where red is just the colour of a lipstick, my heart came still.  Firstly we were heading to Stalingrad area, but as it was overcrowded we moved to the Philharmonie de Paris. Ambre and Jef craziness for each other together with the stunning architecture was the perfect match.