Annika & Frank | Salonplafond | Weingut Wailand

Annika’s and Frank’s wedding was nothing short of LEGENDARY, but let’s get some structure here. This are the things I especially liked on this wedding:

  1. Annika and Frank are those people, who you wish to spend your free time with. Open minded, warm, easy going and ready for every joke. Their good look didn’t hurt as well.

  2. Frank’s uncles and it is not only because of their red Porsche (thanks guys for fulfilling my childhood dream), but because they were so supportive.

  3. The view from Weingut Wailand overlooking Wien

  4. Kaffe-Mobil von Hornig. I saw this thing for the first time on a wedding and think it is an excellent add on, especially for outdoor weddings.

  5. Architecture, food, overall MOJO and Nike in Salonplafond.

  6. Annika’s wedding gown. I am not an expert in dresses, but when I saw it, it hit me like a brick from a roof. Great design by Rue de Seine. Happy drooling ladies :-)

  7. Finally the whole wedding troop. I felt like at home.

    But enough of chitchat, buckle up and enjoy the ride