Castle Pechy

Andrea & Vincenzo | Castle Pechy Slovakia


This year I have spent more time living abroad than at home. 18 years ago at the age of 18, I left my home town Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia . Result of globalisation, destiny of many young people from Eastern Europe trying their luck in the West. Who are we? Where do we belong? Am I still a Slovak? Of course I am based on my Passport, but where does my heart belong?

Lately I was lucky to accompany a wedding of my home town friend Adka. After many years once again shooting in Slovakia. It felt warm, despite the rain. It felt close, it felt right. Speaking in a dialect that you picked up from your parents and grandparents. No need to look for jokes or trying to fit. Because you just fit, effortlessly. It felt like undressing your culture coat and feeling your own skin again.

But enough of sentimental bull-sitting, Adka and Vincenzo’s wedding was a sweet cherry in this wedding season cake. Both relating to former Czechoslovakia, found their luck in the far Switzerland. For their wedding they found a hidden gem in the Village of Hermanovce, The castle Pechy. Formerly used as a hunting spot, today if offers great options for private weddings in the green.

The party was double L (long and legendary) and fueled by the swing and sways of the plentiful SWAYBAND. Dancing creations of the family members were nothing short of the Slovak Hockey Team and the passion of the young lovebirds climaxed in a messy cake fight.

It was not easy to leave the party,

and it was not easy to leave the country.

Thank you Adka and Vincenzo for having me, I wish you a happy ride on your Route 66.