Lately we spent some time in Lisbon and the west coast called Algarve. We rent out a van from Indiecampers and were very happy with it. It came out straight from the factory, only 10km on tacho :-) The coast is rough but beautiful. There not so many places left in Europe where you can camp freely, but Algarve still is.

It was also the first trip where I tested out my new Sony A7III, with its lens kit.

Surfing | Maspalomas Gran Canaria

I met Pro Surfing school in Maspalomas, situated in the touristic south of Gran Canaria. Firstly I just wanted to borrow a screwdriver for my drone full of sand, but then we started to talk and following pictures are the result. Kevin is originally dutch, but as many he is living his passion on the waves.

Phototip: I did these pictures using an underwater case DiCaPac WP-S5. You can also get its bigger brother DiCaPac WP-S10, but for cameras like Nikon d750, or d800 I would recommend the smaller one, as it fits tighter. If the case is too big you will always have to hold the front lens of the case to the lens of the camera, in order to avoid vignetting or even seeing the case in the picture. I used it with Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED which is my favourite travel lens as it weighs only 385g and reaches up to 35mm. Together with the d750 it fits almost perfectly into the smaller case. I haven't seen any water drops inside the case or on the camera, so I think it holds the word.

During this shoot I found out that I have lots of water drops collecting on the front lens, distracting my pictures. If you wanna avoid it, lick the lens of the case like 5 minutes before going to the water and let it dry. It helped a lot. 

Handling of the camera is of course not so comfortable but with some training you can zoom in and out, adjust aperture, move your focus point and preview the pictures. This was my setup in the water: aperture priority, f8, ISO 100-200 depending on the clouds, and continuous focus mode.

Get flippers, if you can and be ready to spend most of the time in a washing machine :-) And now let's go surfiiiing!



Our passion for campervanning is growing more and more and after my trip to Ireland our family decided to get on the wheels again and travel south of Sweden in a mobile home. We took the ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg, drove along the east coast to Stockholm, visited the big lakes in the middle and returned via the west coast back. Our favorite part was the second largest swedish island Öland. We enjoyed the vast space and solitude. Due to everyman's right, great infrastructure and swedish hospitality it is a perfect camping destination.

Unfortunately we also experienced a robbery.  While having a couple shoot in Goteborg  someone smashed the front window in our mobile home and stole all our precious eblongings. We were told by the guy who exchanged our glass, that he has such cases 3 times a day. Especially in summer there are gangs coming outside of Sweden and are specifically looking for cars with international plates, they call it hunting season. Autoalarm also does not help all the time, as the thieves firstly crack the glass on the sides with a screwdriver and then slowly remove the window (see the picture at the end of the gallery). So just be careful and do not leave any precious things in you car anywhere. It is also not recommended to sleep alongside highways, where autostrada pirates are attacking. I do not want spread fear or bad mood, just be cautious and protect your belongings while traveling everywhere.

And here our robbed car.



Sometimes I just save pictures on my laptop and forget about them. It's sweet, it is like the chocolate you hid and then suddenly found out :-) This is what also happened with these street photography pictures made in London while attending the workshop of Ross Harvey in August last year. Most of them were taken in Camden Town, the quirky, artistic area of London. I felt like at home :-)